How about those apples?

I (half heartedly) looked up the meaning of the phrase, “How do you like them apples” after typing this subject line, and one line on the bottom of the description caught my attention: “It can also be used as an expression of surprise at a sudden turn of fortune.” Apple picking DEFINITELY turned out to be a turn of fortune for me, but I am getting ahead of myself.


Just a delightfully gray and humid Georgia fall day

Last weekend I did as most 20-somethings in the fall tend to do and went apple picking with some friends. The moment of fortune happened when we arrived at the orchard and made it up the mountain to go picking. After we off loaded ourselves from the wagon the orchard-supervisor (correct title?) goes, “okay here’s this type [pointing left], that type [pointing further left], etc…and oh yeah, sample however many you want.”


Say what, come again?! FORTUNE!

I LOVE apples. I eat over 2 pounds of them a week. And I was just given a FREE FOR ALL IN AN ORCHARD. Game. on.

My husband and I and the other couple stayed together for a bit before they went hunting honeycrisps on their own. It was a fun time of apple hunting and apple gorging sampling. I think I lost count, but I had around 6 apples of varying sizes in the hour we were in the orchard (and note we had forgone lunch). Following me saying a phrase I’ve never said before, “no more apples for me,” we hopped on the wagon, made it back down to the barn, grabbed our donut, and headed off to a winery before concluding the evening with games at our apartment (fail: we should have played apples to apples!).


Following the apple eating we were doubtful that we’d even want the apples we picked. Well, after a one day hiatus all apple games were back on (and in my belly).


Day in the life | Atlanta Housewife

Funemployment is coming to an end soon (to make way for real employment!) so I figured I needed to document and remember this special time that I way too often took for granted. As mentioned earlier, there are perks that I love (namely, seeing hubs during the day, visiting friends, running errands at my leisure, etc.) and I don’t want to forget them when my next season begins. So here’s a mostly-typical day in the life.

6:00 a.m. | Wake up

Hub’s awake, I’m awake. While he showers I steam his outfit (I’d say I steam mine, but the regular uniform for me is running shorts with a t-shirt), make his lunch, fix breakfast, and make the bed/straighten up.

Why yes, I do write messages in mustard.

Why yes, I do write messages in mustard.

6:40 a.m.

We’re out the door and I’m driving Joe to work. Drop off, kisses, and then to the gym.

This picture makes it look like the roads are not busy. THAT IS A LIE.

This picture makes it look like the roads are not busy. THAT IS A LIE.

7:30 a.m.

Head into the gym (after reading some news on my phone in the car). Contemplate how much I want to do, enjoy some weight lifting while praying to not kill my back, and get my butt kicked on the stairclimber, aka beast. I’m a sweaty mess after 20-something minutes on it so I call it a day.

My goal is to make it to 45 consecutive minutes. I'm at nearly 30 now.

My goal is to make it to 45 consecutive minutes. I’m at nearly 30 now.

9:00 a.m. – Noon

Breakfast (gluten free waffles with PB, banana, and honey; woofed down too fast to take a picture), coffee, quiet time, internet time. Research clothes and purses (#firstworld), blog, realize the internet is stealing my life, and head down to wash Joe’s car. Realize when I start my job, this job won’t be mine alone anymore! #win

1:00-2:00 p.m.

Mop, make sure all dishes are done, clean myself up (slightly; as that I’m in funemployment I do not bother to wash my hair all that often), and snack (foreshadowing: should have snacked more)

2:00-5:00 p.m.

Head out to check out some shoes and bags.

Leopard heels to replace leopard crocs.

Leopard heels to replace leopard crocs.

No shoe stores have sizes I need, everything is mildly uncomfortable, and hangry sets in. Panic in the store at the idea of not finding anything and peace out and then get stuck in traffic. Check google maps which tells me it’s going to take me over 30 minutes to get the 1.6 miles home. Reroute myself to a path that takes 12 minutes.

Parking lot.

Parking lot.

5:00-7:00 p.m.

Dinner (leftover greek chicken and salad) and reading. Bemoan traffic.

7:15 p.m.

Husband’s home early! Wine and games–specifically, Carcassone!

8:30 p.m.

Bestie from NYC calls! Pause the game.

Not from yesterday, but we did talk about August 1 a lot.

Not from yesterday, but we did talk about August 1 a lot.

9:45-10:30 p.m.

Game resumes, I get owned.

10:30 p.m.

Teeth brushing and face washing and time for sleep.

And that’s my current typical day in the life not working in Atlanta–gym, errands, reading, cooking.

A country baby shower

In September I had the joy of partnering with some lovely ladies to throw one of my dear friends a baby shower celebrating her and baby girl! The shower was full of lots of love, tasty food, great presents, and much rejoicing. Can’t wait to cuddle this sweet baby when she arrives!

Kelli’s sister set the theme of including tractors and farms (totally appropriate for our guest of honor). I googled “diaper cake” and came across tractors made out of diapers and I had so much fun putting this guy together for Kel. The total labor was about an hour and a half (and a lot of that was trial and error).


A baby shower game that led to lots of laughs and fun!IMG_2376

The Grazing Station; each hostess provided a different food item or two and everything came together so well! And all of the food had a farm name, “haystacks” “veggie patch” “spinach and artichoke patch” “barnyard cupcakes” “biggie sandwiches”


Hostesses and the guest of honor:



While on the way to the bach weekend the girls and I were talking about my impending unemployment (I loved my job in Athens but commuting was not something I was willing to do, so I knew I had some unemployment in my future). I was not crazy about it and all of a sudden Z goes, “it’s not unemployment, it’s FUNemployment!” Since funemployment sounds about 100 times more fun than unemployment I ran with the rebranding of this special time of life. Funemployment, while lacking on benefits and a salary, has other perks, which include:

Grocery shopping at Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market during a weekday (it’s like Ikea…great on the weekdays, terrifying on the weekend).

The sun shines on this place! And it's affordable produce and meat.

The sun shines on this place! And it’s affordable produce and meat.

picnic lunches with my husband,


Happy birthday plates are standard lunchtime china.

planning and finding fun dates and new adventures,


Pulling into this planned adventures, hubs goes “I’ve been here a few times!” Of course.

sorting out, cleaning, and organizing our home, and visiting friends in Athens and getting sweet Athens treats, among many other perks.


Since my days are mostly spent solo, they make me value all the more the weekends with the hubs. Even when he has to be my chauffeur so I can ice my head after getting slammed between the eyes with a frozen bottle of heavy cream while looking in the freezer.

At least he probably knew how clumsy I was before marrying me.

At least he probably knew how clumsy I was before marrying me.

bachelorette weekend recap

Bach weekend!

Bach weekend!

My ladies of honor (matron/maid) planned the most wonderful bachelorette weekend for me a couple of weeks before I got married. My only input was that I wanted a weekend at one of my favorite beaches (Charleston) and they planned an amazing time with some of my closest girlfriends. I was kept totally in the dark about all elements of the weekend, other than in fact we were going to Charleston.


The bach weekend started bright and early with the Atlanta party of Katie, Zakiya and I pulling out at around 6:15 a.m. (with a necessary stop at Starbucks first because it was 6:15 a.m.) I was able to use car time to get a start on hand-binding all of my wedding programs  and we made good time to the beach, arriving just at lunchtime. We stopped at Sullivan’s Island to grab lunch at Poe’s Tavern.

so. much. sewing.

so. much. sewing.


Following lunch and dropping Zakiya off with Nutan (this is where Z referred to herself as Robin and Nutan as Batman) to take care of some errands, Katie and I went off for a long beach walk before heading back to the house to get cleaned up. Waiting for me was a beautiful lace “Future Mrs. T” sash and blue buttons for all of the girls to wear.

this dress screamed

this dress screamed “ridiculous!” making it most fitting for an awesome bach weekend


Sweet friends were arriving and those in town took off for the first (of many) surprises to me–a sunset cruise on Charleston Harbor! thumb_IMG_9629_1024


The cruise was peaceful and happy–we found out some on the history of the city and enjoyed time on the water. And took lots of pictures.

Following the cruise we went to dinner at Stars, where I saw the rest of the girls had arrived! thumb_IMG_9651_1024Dinner was delightfully tasty (I had a kale salad I’m still dreaming about) and following dinner we headed back to the house, as most of us had had long days traveling. We relaxed with wine (and more program sewing; Katie G, who graciously designed ALL of the wedding paper suite is also a professional book binder and artist and stepped in to help sew; sewing about 5 in the time it took me to do 2). Nutan and Z also gave out goody bags that they had prepared (they thought of every detail).



The next morning Z and Nutan made a delicious (and full) breakfast before we headed out to the beach! It was as one friend said, the perfect beach day. There was lots of swimming, some reading, walking, snacking, talking, ice cream, and bocce ball. While a few of us were out in the ocean there were dolphins out in the water too, which was super fun. A consequence of so much beach time is that a few many of us got far too much sun (even with repeated re-application of sunscreen). I wore a bikini for the first time (no tan lines for the wedding dress!) and I sorely underestimated how much sunscreen to put on my stomach…ooops. Nothing too bad, but not the best. We went back to the house in waves to get ready for the evening festivities.

Batman, me, Robin.

Batman, me, Robin.

We went to yet another incredibly tasty dinner at one of my Charleston favorites, Fleet Landing. Following dinner we went to the pier to mosey around a bit (and this is also where Batman and Robin mysteriously disappeared). We got back to the house and when we were let in I saw that they had organized the most beautiful lingerie shower, complete with champagne bar, beautiful decorations, and sweet snacks.

thumb_IMG_9692_1024 thumb_IMG_9690_1024

We had a blast enjoying sweet treats and what was supposed to be a conversation game turned into the sweet ladies giving me marriage advice and telling me kind things. During present time I was gifted with some beautiful items! Following more chatting (and more champagne which led to more chatting) the evening wrapped up.



The next morning was a slower start as many of us were nursing aching skin and minor headaches, but we made it with banners flying to Poogan’s Porch for breakfast.


A few of us walked around afterwards before heading back to the house to pack up, say our goodbyes, and head home. It was such an extravagant weekend of being loved on by my friends, and I was/am totally overwhelmed!

Labor Day for the Laborless

Labor Day 2015 was spent at the beach with my awesome inlaws. Getting down to the beach was less than delightful as the hubs and I had to drive separate cars down and I was seriously struggling to stay awake on the drive.  The beach consistently hits home runs (total beach lover here) and it did not disappoint this past weekend. I grew up going to the gulf and rarely remember the water being as calm as it was during Labor Day weekend–there were hardly any waves and the seaweed conveniently clumped up in certain areas so it was easily avoidable. The Mr. and I had a delightful time of sleeping in late, enjoying his parent’s cooking, playing games, and soaking in beach time.

It will be an ongoing fitness test to see how these clothes will fit us through the years!

It will be an ongoing fitness test to see how these clothes will fit us through the years!

We also celebrated our one month anniversary a few days late by a tasty lunch out in our getaway clothes (followed by shopping for a baby shower…we kept that gift in the car as to not create any rumors).

Life on the home front after Labor Day was a fairly normal week. I did meal prep, grocery shopped, poured over applications and read articles, and worked on some side projects. On Thursday I got to meet up with some beloved friends at the Yellow Daisy Festival.

Yellow Daisy Festival

Yellow Daisy Festival

The crowd at the Yellow Daisy Festival was impressive–it took me longer to park than to arrive at the Festival. Parking didn’t damper any spirits though! Though I found lots of unique jewelry and a few gorgeous paintings and sampled some delicious honey, all I left with was $15 in carbs and a happy heart after a morning with friends.

Being the packhorse.

Being the packhorse.

Thursday night I went to a planner release party in Buckhead. …you read that right. This planner release party was all over my Instagram so I figured, “why not?!” I went to this event solo and I was 1. sorely wishing I had phoned a friend and 2. felt incredibly out of place and 3. didn’t purchase an agenda (to my husband’s rejoicing I’ve trained myself to be digital only for planning). This full Thursday wrapped up with a social at my husband’s workplace, and the cherry on top of the evening was my car getting booted.

Welcome to Atlanta.

Welcome to Atlanta.

Friday and the rest of the week was fairly low-key. I had a non-scary Craigslist sale (so long bachelor coffee table!) and cooked chicken thighs for the first time (so long chicken breasts!). The hubs and I enjoyed time together, played a new game at a game night, I ran errands, and we went to church. Cheers to a new week (and hopefully a job!)!

ztwedding | My BIGGEST Wedding Advice

August 1, 2015 was a pretty magical day for me—it was the day I married the love of my life. Just married!Our wedding day was everything I dreamed it would be and there’s nothing I would change. My husband and I had a quick engagement—less than 6 months. In those 6 months time was spent on my end stalking blogs for any and all wedding posts and I spent a lot of time reading over them. Having just single handedly planned my wedding I wanted to contribute to the wedding blogs with my own content. For the most part (and until I run out of content), each week I’ll be posting a wedding post—something to hopefully be helpful to those who may be curious, entertaining to others. I wanted to start off by sharing my biggest wedding advice.

BEST ADVICE:  I heard this some while in the planning process but I struggled to believe it whole-heartedly until the day of the wedding and I wish I would have believed it sooner. That advice is: “you’re going to end up married. Everything else is okay.” That’s a difficult pill to swallow when you’re spending thousands of dollars on an awesome party that is ripe with opportunities for disaster, but it’s true. You’re making one of the most significant decisions of your life and entering into a covenant between your spouse and God. I enjoy planning a party and had a lot of fun planning my wedding. But I love Joe. New covenantThe day of the wedding my dress could have ripped (it kinda did) and the food could not have showed up (it did show up and was delicious), and I would have still ended married to the most amazing man I have ever met. It really is all about that covenant you’re making with the Lord and your spouse, and it is good.

Marta is Smar-ta | My Marta Tips for Success

Home in Atlanta is conveniently close to a well-kept Marta station. One of my biggest hopes in the Atlanta job hunt is that I will be able to take Marta to work like my husband is able to take Marta to work and school. One day after seeing the Mr. off to work I knew it was time to go get my name officially changed over to a T so I thought Marta would be far superior to use than driving deeper into the city. I got myself ready, grabbed all necessary documents, and collected what I consider to be the Marta necessities (see end of post for full list).

With all items in hand, I hurried across to the Marta station, double checked my destination, and hopped on the train! And then quickly realized I was on the train in the wrong direction. At the next stop I hopped off the train, waited for the correct one, and got back on my way! It was a bit of a hike into the city so I was able to make good way on my book, while also checking my stops repeatedly. Marta tip: Take a screen shot of the line map on your phone and save it to your photos. Doing such lets you check the map compulsively while you’re underground without phone service. The Social Security office was near the Marta station so it was easy-peasy.

Inside a Marta Train

Inside a Marta Train

After the SS office was taken care of I had plenty of time to go get my new license. My husband had told me that it was too far to walk from the Social Security Office to the DMV. A quick google map search revealed that it was only 1.7 miles away and I definitely didn’t want to test my Marta skills too much yet so I figured, “1.7 miles isn’t too bad of a walk! Let’s go!” Well, yes it is true that 1.7 miles it not a bad walk normally. However, 1.7 miles through downtown Atlanta by yourself is mildly scary, to put it lightly. As I was crossing the interstate my husband called, asking me where I was. He didn’t understand why I walked, and that’s when we had a discussion over word choice. “Shouldn’t” means not safe to me; “Couldn’t” means a challenge. Anywhos, a sweaty 35 minutes later leads to a new license.

After getting my new license, I asked where the nearest station was, not caring if it was a east/west or north/south station, I’d figure it out. She tells me, I set off (ignoring vulgar cat calls) and make it to Marta, get on the proper train, and make it to my husband for lunch.

From my Marta experience I learned:

  • There are four lines: red, gold, blue, yellow. Red/gold run north/south; Blue/green runs east/west.
  • If you need to change directions (start off going south then you need to go west or something like that) you’re going to be changing at the 5-Points Station.
  • It’s not scary to change trains.
  • It is no big deal to be on the wrong north/south (red/gold) train. Just hop off at the next stop, maybe wait a bit, and then carry on.
  • Do not forget your Marta Smart card and a cross body bag packed with a smart phone (with the screen shot Marta map), book/magazine, water, snack (if you’re the sort that is prone to hanger), and hand sanitizer if germs creep you out. About the Marta Smart Card—if your bag has an outside zippered pocket, that’s a great place to keep it at, as that you have to scan it to get in and out of the station (and it’s not great to be fiddling in your wallet in the station).

Cheers! (An Introduction)

Hello friends! This is my brand new foray into the blogging world. I used to blog over with my friends at Blogger (by the well) but with some new life transitions (marriage, move, new job) I wanted to start somewhere fresh. I hopped over to the WordPress platform because it looked more cutomizeable. And it’s pretty.

As pictures speak a bit more than words…

This is me.


This is my handsome Mr.

Handsome Husband

We live ITP in Atlanta and are recently married (August 2015).

Thanks for reading along!