Labor Day for the Laborless

Labor Day 2015 was spent at the beach with my awesome inlaws. Getting down to the beach was less than delightful as the hubs and I had to drive separate cars down and I was seriously struggling to stay awake on the drive.  The beach consistently hits home runs (total beach lover here) and it did not disappoint this past weekend. I grew up going to the gulf and rarely remember the water being as calm as it was during Labor Day weekend–there were hardly any waves and the seaweed conveniently clumped up in certain areas so it was easily avoidable. The Mr. and I had a delightful time of sleeping in late, enjoying his parent’s cooking, playing games, and soaking in beach time.

It will be an ongoing fitness test to see how these clothes will fit us through the years!

It will be an ongoing fitness test to see how these clothes will fit us through the years!

We also celebrated our one month anniversary a few days late by a tasty lunch out in our getaway clothes (followed by shopping for a baby shower…we kept that gift in the car as to not create any rumors).

Life on the home front after Labor Day was a fairly normal week. I did meal prep, grocery shopped, poured over applications and read articles, and worked on some side projects. On Thursday I got to meet up with some beloved friends at the Yellow Daisy Festival.

Yellow Daisy Festival

Yellow Daisy Festival

The crowd at the Yellow Daisy Festival was impressive–it took me longer to park than to arrive at the Festival. Parking didn’t damper any spirits though! Though I found lots of unique jewelry and a few gorgeous paintings and sampled some delicious honey, all I left with was $15 in carbs and a happy heart after a morning with friends.

Being the packhorse.

Being the packhorse.

Thursday night I went to a planner release party in Buckhead. …you read that right. This planner release party was all over my Instagram so I figured, “why not?!” I went to this event solo and I was 1. sorely wishing I had phoned a friend and 2. felt incredibly out of place and 3. didn’t purchase an agenda (to my husband’s rejoicing I’ve trained myself to be digital only for planning). This full Thursday wrapped up with a social at my husband’s workplace, and the cherry on top of the evening was my car getting booted.

Welcome to Atlanta.

Welcome to Atlanta.

Friday and the rest of the week was fairly low-key. I had a non-scary Craigslist sale (so long bachelor coffee table!) and cooked chicken thighs for the first time (so long chicken breasts!). The hubs and I enjoyed time together, played a new game at a game night, I ran errands, and we went to church. Cheers to a new week (and hopefully a job!)!


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