bachelorette weekend recap

Bach weekend!

Bach weekend!

My ladies of honor (matron/maid) planned the most wonderful bachelorette weekend for me a couple of weeks before I got married. My only input was that I wanted a weekend at one of my favorite beaches (Charleston) and they planned an amazing time with some of my closest girlfriends. I was kept totally in the dark about all elements of the weekend, other than in fact we were going to Charleston.


The bach weekend started bright and early with the Atlanta party of Katie, Zakiya and I pulling out at around 6:15 a.m. (with a necessary stop at Starbucks first because it was 6:15 a.m.) I was able to use car time to get a start on hand-binding all of my wedding programs  and we made good time to the beach, arriving just at lunchtime. We stopped at Sullivan’s Island to grab lunch at Poe’s Tavern.

so. much. sewing.

so. much. sewing.


Following lunch and dropping Zakiya off with Nutan (this is where Z referred to herself as Robin and Nutan as Batman) to take care of some errands, Katie and I went off for a long beach walk before heading back to the house to get cleaned up. Waiting for me was a beautiful lace “Future Mrs. T” sash and blue buttons for all of the girls to wear.

this dress screamed

this dress screamed “ridiculous!” making it most fitting for an awesome bach weekend


Sweet friends were arriving and those in town took off for the first (of many) surprises to me–a sunset cruise on Charleston Harbor! thumb_IMG_9629_1024


The cruise was peaceful and happy–we found out some on the history of the city and enjoyed time on the water. And took lots of pictures.

Following the cruise we went to dinner at Stars, where I saw the rest of the girls had arrived! thumb_IMG_9651_1024Dinner was delightfully tasty (I had a kale salad I’m still dreaming about) and following dinner we headed back to the house, as most of us had had long days traveling. We relaxed with wine (and more program sewing; Katie G, who graciously designed ALL of the wedding paper suite is also a professional book binder and artist and stepped in to help sew; sewing about 5 in the time it took me to do 2). Nutan and Z also gave out goody bags that they had prepared (they thought of every detail).



The next morning Z and Nutan made a delicious (and full) breakfast before we headed out to the beach! It was as one friend said, the perfect beach day. There was lots of swimming, some reading, walking, snacking, talking, ice cream, and bocce ball. While a few of us were out in the ocean there were dolphins out in the water too, which was super fun. A consequence of so much beach time is that a few many of us got far too much sun (even with repeated re-application of sunscreen). I wore a bikini for the first time (no tan lines for the wedding dress!) and I sorely underestimated how much sunscreen to put on my stomach…ooops. Nothing too bad, but not the best. We went back to the house in waves to get ready for the evening festivities.

Batman, me, Robin.

Batman, me, Robin.

We went to yet another incredibly tasty dinner at one of my Charleston favorites, Fleet Landing. Following dinner we went to the pier to mosey around a bit (and this is also where Batman and Robin mysteriously disappeared). We got back to the house and when we were let in I saw that they had organized the most beautiful lingerie shower, complete with champagne bar, beautiful decorations, and sweet snacks.

thumb_IMG_9692_1024 thumb_IMG_9690_1024

We had a blast enjoying sweet treats and what was supposed to be a conversation game turned into the sweet ladies giving me marriage advice and telling me kind things. During present time I was gifted with some beautiful items! Following more chatting (and more champagne which led to more chatting) the evening wrapped up.



The next morning was a slower start as many of us were nursing aching skin and minor headaches, but we made it with banners flying to Poogan’s Porch for breakfast.


A few of us walked around afterwards before heading back to the house to pack up, say our goodbyes, and head home. It was such an extravagant weekend of being loved on by my friends, and I was/am totally overwhelmed!


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