A country baby shower

In September I had the joy of partnering with some lovely ladies to throw one of my dear friends a baby shower celebrating her and baby girl! The shower was full of lots of love, tasty food, great presents, and much rejoicing. Can’t wait to cuddle this sweet baby when she arrives!

Kelli’s sister set the theme of including tractors and farms (totally appropriate for our guest of honor). I googled “diaper cake” and came across tractors made out of diapers and I had so much fun putting this guy together for Kel. The total labor was about an hour and a half (and a lot of that was trial and error).


A baby shower game that led to lots of laughs and fun!IMG_2376

The Grazing Station; each hostess provided a different food item or two and everything came together so well! And all of the food had a farm name, “haystacks” “veggie patch” “spinach and artichoke patch” “barnyard cupcakes” “biggie sandwiches”


Hostesses and the guest of honor:



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