How about those apples?

I (half heartedly) looked up the meaning of the phrase, “How do you like them apples” after typing this subject line, and one line on the bottom of the description caught my attention: “It can also be used as an expression of surprise at a sudden turn of fortune.” Apple picking DEFINITELY turned out to be a turn of fortune for me, but I am getting ahead of myself.


Just a delightfully gray and humid Georgia fall day

Last weekend I did as most 20-somethings in the fall tend to do and went apple picking with some friends. The moment of fortune happened when we arrived at the orchard and made it up the mountain to go picking. After we off loaded ourselves from the wagon the orchard-supervisor (correct title?) goes, “okay here’s this type [pointing left], that type [pointing further left], etc…and oh yeah, sample however many you want.”


Say what, come again?! FORTUNE!

I LOVE apples. I eat over 2 pounds of them a week. And I was just given a FREE FOR ALL IN AN ORCHARD. Game. on.

My husband and I and the other couple stayed together for a bit before they went hunting honeycrisps on their own. It was a fun time of apple hunting and apple gorging sampling. I think I lost count, but I had around 6 apples of varying sizes in the hour we were in the orchard (and note we had forgone lunch). Following me saying a phrase I’ve never said before, “no more apples for me,” we hopped on the wagon, made it back down to the barn, grabbed our donut, and headed off to a winery before concluding the evening with games at our apartment (fail: we should have played apples to apples!).


Following the apple eating we were doubtful that we’d even want the apples we picked. Well, after a one day hiatus all apple games were back on (and in my belly).


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