Christmas Decorations, Crafting, and Baking 2015

It is easy to report on the baking and crafting front for Christmas 2015. Baking—none (75 degree days do not lend themselves to wanting to heat my house up with the oven) and I’m only working on two Christmas crafts—an ornament (more on that later) and our stockings. Our stockings did not get done before Christmas (still a WIP) but that’s okay since we did not do stockings this year (another story, another post).

Decorations though, that’s another story! The T’s trimmed the tree in early December and it was so fun! Last year we did not get up a tree (long distance dating followed by 2 weeks in South Georgia did not lend themselves to the efforts of J putting up a tree) so this year it was our “first Christmas tree!” and I have not had a Christmas tree in almost 7 years (rosemary trees barely count). I had helped haul J’s Christmas tree box and decorations between the moves and I was excited to finally build the tree. J was in charge of putting up the tree while I continued to lug out boxes of decorations and unwrap them (that sounds excessive. There were 2 boxes).

I excitedly went to the tree once Joe had it completed and could hardly stifle my laughter.


The tree was a 1982 beauty that left a little to be desired…OMG. We were cracking up together at the tree’s sparseness. Newlyweds, let’s just say that Christmas decorations and traditions are two areas where CLEAR differences in opinions and backgrounds becomes quickly apparent.

Area one: Lights

J was charged with putting up the lights and finished in lightning speed…because he made one strand stretch through the ENTIRE tree. While the tree isn’t much, it (IMO) needed more than one strand because THE MORE LIGHTS THE MORE MERRIMENT. I took off his attempt and then did it myself while talking about how you have to wrap the limbs, and really fill up the tree. J is a saint in most ways, and let me have at it (and even agreeing on the more lights, more better mentality).

Area two: Tree decorating

While I was carefully lighting up the tree, I asked J, “love, what do you think about those trees that are all white lights, or have a theme?” It was clearly a leading question, as in leading towards something I like. J goes, “I make fun of those trees.” And just like that, visions of trees in white lights dashed from my head. In the T’s future will be trees full of color FOREVER. And never topped with a bow.

I’ve heard of knock-down drag-out fights between couples over differences in Christmas celebration opinions, and I acknowledge that we’re fortunate to have missed out on most of those. We were both completely willing to budge to the other’s request or whim. Things that are important to me tend to be important to him. The smooth sailing may be rocked once children are entered into the T equation (we already have expressed our differences on Santa…I’m a strong no, he’s a strong yes), but for now, it was fa-la-laing all the day long in the T home.



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