Fall 2015 Snapshot

Fall 2015 included a lot of biggies…learning my way in the city, learning a new job, learning to be a wife…lots of learning and adjusting. Here are a few snapshots of Fall (which if I do not blog or journal…I will not remember):

We hosted a Halloween game night, which prompted us to finally hang up pictures on the wall and unpack our china cabinet. This may surprise many, but for the most part I don’t give a huge flip on picture hanging. I eyeball it, put in the nail, and about 99% of the time I’m entirely satisfied. Enter J:


I love my engineer.


We went as Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatian’s for our costumes!

I attended my first (and last) wine festival…last because I like pacing myself over a glass of wine instead of non-stop samplings for hours.


For Thanksgiving we travelled north to visit my (our) family and had the best time:

We took hikes (and celebrated me turning 30 with a hike!):

We also celebrated me turning 30 with a tasty dinner at Empire State South:

IMG_0692 (1)

He really is the cutest.

And my beloved church in Athens had the grand opening of their building!


And some favorites came in from Scotland.

And that was a snapshot of our fall!


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