A New Year’s Party & Getaway

Hubs and I love to throw a party, and he indicated that he’d love a New Year’s Wine and Cheese party to usher in 2016 consider that DONE. We asked all guests to bring a wine and cheese to share (though some went rouge and brought beer, to everyone’s enjoyment) and we provided some sweets as well. I never saw the need for “wine charms” or “wine markers” until 5 hours before the party, so we stopped at Cost Plus World Market. We’re frugal and I refused to pay $15 for bits of plastic and instead picked up gift tags that I tied onto glasses. I made a fruity punch (a blend of apple, cranberry, pomegranate, and cherry juice with diced up apples and oranges in) that guests could add their own mixer into (IMO-champs). Funny story—while we were registering back in the day, we passed a drink dispenser and J said, “babe, would you ever want one?” to which I sheepishly replied “I already have one.” The dispenser has gotten a lot of love at our parties! The party was fun and full of good friends and we all made it to midnight for a champagne toast. The party continued late into the night (I fell asleep on the sofa).


The next morning we were awake bright and early and we saw some friends off and we took ourselves off to Durham, North Carolina for a weekend retreat.

The weekend was full of some decent food, a brewery, and we took in some lovely sights. Highlights included the Duke gardens and the brewery. J often says it does not matter what you it is just who you are with that is important and that proved true. We stayed frugal on this trip and ate dinners in and on Saturday night since we did not want to go back to our hotel at 6:30 we walked around a mall and we had so much fun window shopping and laughing at ridiculous items (and fell in like with expensive sheets). We did not consider how taxing a 6 hour drive was and we were wiped out by the time we got home, but I would not have changed our plans in the slightest. I love weekends with my love!


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