Christmas Presents between the T’s

Last year J and I did something I always wanted to do, a 3-gift policy of something needed, wanted, and to watch or read.

This year I excitedly requested to do this again and was shut down QUICKLY. Since hubs was not feeling to do that again, we went back to the drawing board. First, we set a spending limit (which as the story progresses goes down and down). Then, we asked what the other wanted. I had already received my life’s best gift (J) so I was pretty satisfied. And having just gotten done getting married we are still using new kitchen gadgets and gizmos (and the few remaining items on our registry do not lend themselves to sweet husband and wife gifts at the moment…knives, anyone?) and our house is full. I got a lot of new clothes for work and was not wanting anything in that department, and while jewelry is always welcome, I just came off of getting a beautiful piece for birthday so I was good there too. J wanted NOTHING, so that kinda made the limit moot.

I then suggested doing stockings (and I LOVE stockings) but again, there wasn’t a lot we needed (and I also did not finish crafting the stockings in time for Christmas).

Our next suggestion was something for home—we are both wanting new bedding and new throw pillows for the couch. We both moved forward with bedding, but then I found the last of a giftcard that will cover the bedding so that got temporarily tabled to a February project.

Still wanting to exchange something, we gave each other a $15 limit and said good luck!

When we opened our gifts at the beach and we both opened socks to each other! J has a soft spot for patterened socks and I had fun picking them out for him. He noticed I liked lace topped boot socks on Shark Tank and ordered me a pair. It’ll probably always make me smile that the T’s first Christmas gift to one another was socks.


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