Christmas Week Recap

Compliments of my employer, I had an entire paid week off for the holiday season. My husband, who had ample vacation time, was quick to cash in some time and we had a week off together! However, Christmas celebrations started about a week before that with a full Sunday in Athens. We tried to pack in the most visits as possible, and enjoyed non-crowded shopping in Athens where we picked up gifts for a family who my workplace adopted for the holidays. The next Saturday before our week off we got ourselves packed and then I went to a concert with Brookie. The concert was JohnnySwim and they are so talented! I had a great time, and granny here really appreciated the fact that we also had seats in the venue.

On Sunday morning we go to get up early to get down to the beach and BAM. Headache from hades, to the point I could not hold my head up. We get out the door about an hour and a half later and the headache just would not go away (foreshadowing). We met the Mr.’s parents and grandad about 2 hours from the beach and I rallied for the visit, but then pleaded with Joe again to drive the rest of the way. After a stop at Wal-Mart and Red Box to rent Jurassic World and made it to the house.


This cart contents said: I don’t feel so good.

The headache was joined by its BFF nausea and the next few hours were spent going from bad to worse. Side note, Jurassic World was a surprisingly awesome watch (worth the hype, who woulda figured?).

Monday morning was felt with marginal better feelings, a large bowl of sherbet (to J’s dismay), and after a long beach walk I was feeling pretty awesome! A visit with the grands and then we went to try dinner. Mistake #2, body said “I hate food!” and back to sherbet and pretzels I went.


Beach walks are better with this one.

The following morning we got ourselves together, went for a rainy beach walk, and departed for Albany (with me finally driving for once!). Our time in Albany was spent with lots of family. There was cooking, eating, Trains, prezzies, walking, resting, and more cooking and eating. We went back to Atlanta on Saturday and had a full Sunday of going to church and cleaning and sorting out our apartment.


Competition is FIERCE.


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