Five on Friday | February 12

Catching up!

My usual routine is to cook big on Sundays, coast the rest of the week. I changed my MO this week and did not cook on Sunday and instead cooked smaller meals throughout the week. Y’all. I was in kitchen every darn night for at least an hour and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the kitchen (and the Mr. was home late every night) but still. I could have been…who am I kidding. This week it was fine. All my Atlanta near and dear were busy and I wasn’t in the mood to go out in the arctic chill.

Speaking of being in the kitchen the meals I made this week were:

*Tuna noodle salad (a T-family recipe that J really enjoys for lunch


Or with dinner on leftover night

*Chicken picata that I served with lima beans, corn, roasted okra, and bread

*African peanut stew (I would have liked to lick my bowl).


Cooking on Sunday for the T family did not happen because instead we were joining some friends at a Super Bowl party. The nibbles were A+++, the game meh, the commercials, snore. Except for the Heinz commercial with the Dachshund dressed up as hot dogs. I died.

I received business cards at work this week. I’ve never had business cards before and I am completely thrilled.

Driving, my commute in the morning takes less than 10 minutes (usually around 7). In the afternoon it can push 30-45 minutes. This week I had to be in extra early so J drove me two days and I drove the other, and now a parking pass is looking pretty enticing. Or it was until I had to drive white-knuckled home one evening. I missed my reading on the train time, zooming past traffic!


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