Ski Trip 1.0 Review

One fateful day a few months ago the hubs was talking to some friends about upcoming travel plans and they mentioned how they were going on a family ski trip out west, even though they never skied before. J’s ears perked up and said, well, Diana wants to learn to ski (she does? She does.) and y’all should probably get on skis before going west…let’s take a trip to go learn! Because I rarely say no to adventure I said yes to this and found my only clothing purchases in January being ski gear. To say that J was enthused would be a MAJOR understatement. He was off his rocker excited. Packed days in advance. Ready to go-go-go.

The couple we travelled with drove so J and I found ourselves backseat passengers for the duration of the trip. As we were loading our gear in the parking lot I realized I had forgotten my jacket, so J took care of darting up the stairs to grab it before departure (because apparently a jacket is necessary when hitting the slopes). The drive up was uneventful and we arrived late to the frozen mountain.

We were in a great rental right on the mountain, which had great views. Do you think that when people get either a mountain property they think to themselves, “yes! I can decorate with bear EVERYTHING now?” because every mountain property I’ve ever been in has been a little heavy on the kitschy mountain décor (the same though applies to beach properties and decorating with seashells). The kitchen was well stocked and we brought the bulk of food up with us (more on what we stopped for later) and did not eat out once (not including fast food in route there and back).

My dearest Mr. is not a morning person, but Friday morning he was rushing out the door to get to the slopes. We got to the ski resort, grabbed our pass and skis, and J took off for the slopes while the rest of us wen to ski school. I knew that J was comfortable on skis, but he’s a legitimate near expert on skis. He was zipping down black diamonds while I was eating snow on the ski yard. Anyways, back to ski school. Our ski instructor left a little desired when it came to communication, but fortunately J is an amazing teacher and was able to right that instructors wrongs.

I spent hours on the bunny slope killing my legs in those d&% ski boots till I decided it was near the end of the day and I was ready for a green. Guess what? I wasn’t. I still didn’t have turning down (no pun intended). I didn’t understand yet that you do not get hairpin stops in skis. Guess who lost her mind on the green slope? THIS GIRL. There were tears. There was cussing. It was bad y’all. But I got down, J still wanted to be married to me, and I was done. Fortunately our compadres were done as well so we chilled in the loge while J zipped down the slopes for another hour or so. It was decided in the slopes that the bottle of wine we brought for each night was not sufficient so additional librations were stopped for at the Food Lion on the way home.

That evening I cooked dinner (beef stroganoff) and we watched Jurassic World before an early bedtime. The next morning I woke up with not just bruises but WELTS wherever the boot had a buckle on my leg. We didn’t think that I’d be able to handle the pain of the boots on my legs another day so J and the husband of the other couple took off to go snowboard while the wife of the other couple and I spent the morning reading, napping, talking, and I took a walk. When the guys got home they got cleaned up and then we played games and they (the other couple) made supper.

The next morning we were awake bright and early to get home for a peaceful Sunday.

So I don’t forget…when skiing:

  • For the love, never, ever, EVER lean back. Stand straight or lean forward. It feels weird, but go with it—it will slow you down. Keep your knees bent too when leaning. But DO NOT LEAN BACK.
  • When you go to make the wedge/pizza/V/whatever you choose to call it…push your legs open and then point your ski tips. Your knees should be bent at this point too.
  • You don’t get hairpin stops on skis. Be okay with not being in charge.
  • Apparently when you turn, wedge, lean, turn your skis…I’ll keep working on that one.
  • When falling throw yourself to the side. Don’t fall backwards. You’ll keep moving. Trust me.
  • When getting back on skis, get on the downhill one first. And be perpendicular to the mountain.
  • Go with your best friend. It’s 1000x better that way. Bonus points if they happen to be a great teacher who looks hot on skis.

Speaking of the best friend tip, I have to brag on my J for a moment. Getting ready to go he insisted on getting the warmest clothing articles possible for me, and double checked my packing and dressing to make sure I was warm. He stayed with me on the bunny slope for nearly 2 hours, helping me get comfortable. Most notably, he was a SAINT to me while I was being a terror going down the slope. He made skiing the most positive experience possible, and for that reason I cannot wait to grow in my skills in this sport he enjoy so much.


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