Valentine’s Weekend 2016

On Friday night dear friends came over for dinner. We each made two appetizers (I made pigs in a blanket and spinach dip) and chased dinner with lava cakes. I used a recipe from Food Network (I always thought you had to have fancy ramekins to make lava cakes; instead I found the cheapest ceramic custard cups from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they worked great) and they came out SO tasty. Word of caution-use more PAM than you think you need. 3 of the 4 stuck in the cup and did not plop out as beautifully as I would have wanted them too.

Saturday brought with it a slow start, meal planning, and a late breakfast prepared by J before I went to the grocery store. Roads and the grocery store were PACKED. At the grocery store when I was unloading my cart on the conveyer belt this older couple kept bumping and crowding me to the extent that I turned around to say, “you’re not getting out of here till I do. Please let me finish.” After getting home the Mr. and I unloaded groceries then I went to the gym before coming back home to blog before responding to pleas of “please start dinner!” Our “fancy-pants-day-early” Valentine’s dinner was shrimp and salmon Alfredo with roasted asparagus. The alfredo was SO tasty—the recipe called for no heavy cream or butter (though I did use 1.5 tbsp of butter instead of the EVOO it called for because we rarely use butter and well, butter makes it better).


Sunday my favorite Z came over for breakfast (homemade waffles) before J and I went to church. We really enjoy Shark Tank so J was excited to find a restaurant that was featured on the show to go to for an inexpensive(ish) lunch—Tom Chee.


To our disappointment, it was just okay. My sammie was pretty greasy and the soup was too sweet. Following lunch we ran to some stores, upgraded our bathroom decoration situation (photo), and found J some work shoes. We shopped around to a few stores and were able to find him Cole Hahn’s he wanted for a great price—worth the extra leg work! After we got home we relaxed a bit (Atlanta shopping is no joke) and then enjoyed the chicken and dumplings I started that morning in the crockpot. I neglected to double the dumpling recipe (major fail) but we’ll make it stretch a few days! Following dinner I packed our lunches, rebelled and neglected the dishes, and set up my new Fitbit to the T-family competition may (finally) commence.

IMG_3357 2

Lobster socks for Valentine’s Day…because he’s my lobster.


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