Weekending | February 20-22

Friday night started off with a visit to a new brewery we had not heard of-Eventide. They had one beer that I found acceptable (heavy on the chocolate and coffee) but since I was the acting DD I had a couple sips and then called it a night. Unfortunately J did not really care for any of the beers. We are always happy to cross a new place off the list and we were happy with the visit!

Saturday was a classic “DO ALL THE THINGS.” J’s Saturday was filled with an online defensive driving course (lower insurance!) and school work. I took off early to grocery shop, and then got home and cleaned the fridge, cleaned the apartment, ran, and then cleaned up myself in preparation for a game night. Our friends brought pizza and I made a strawberry-feta-spinach salad with a homemade pomegranate vinaigrette and a cheesecake ball to dip chocolate graham crackers, animal crackers, and strawberries in. I have a 5-section serving tray so I rounded it out with blackberries and all was devoured. We introduced our friends to one of our favorite games, Ticket to Ride, and one of our friends KILLED us. It was her first time playing and I think she got one of the highest scores we have ever witnessed.

On Sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed to church, to Trader Joe’s to pick up a birthday gift for the father-in-law, and then home.  I made us lunch (crust less quiche and grits), and then spent 2.5 hours in the kitchen prepping all the food for the week—I prepped beef and barley soup, spiralized sweet potatoes and baked chicken for this casserole, processed fruits and veggies, cooked green beans, and made lentils for my lunch. After that it was my turn for the online defensive driving and J got a haircut and did (more) homework. We gobbled up our soup at dinner, I aced my defensive driving test, and we went to bed way too late for a Sunday night.


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