Weekending | March 7

Another weekend, come and gone. What happened:

Friday brought a run to the library and some stair climbing at the gym, before a supper of broccoli and lasagna. I fell asleep to the Incredibles, and was out for the night by 10:30 p.m.

Saturday morning the Mr. took in his car for an oil change while I introduced a new friend to Athens! She’s getting married next year and I took her to I Do, I Do, where I got my wedding dress, for her to try on dresses. There are few more enjoyable ways than I can think of, then spending a Saturday morning surrounded by beautiful wedding dresses! After a fun and happy 2.5 hours trying on dress after dress, we went to downtown Athens. We grabbed lunch at Trappeze (I missed you, Veggie Rubens) then walked into some different boutiques. Not shopping for the past couple months gave me a generous shopping budget, but there was NOTHING fun out. A J. Crew has since arrived in Athens (which is probably good for my wallet that it was not there while I was there) and I found a pair of work slacks, but that was about the extent of the finds. I tried on this lovely Lilly dress, but wasn’t in love-love.

We took a shopping break for Last Resort cake, hit up a few more shops, then headed back to Atlanta. I was still full from my Ruben so I had popcorn with hubby before again, falling asleep before 11.

Sunday morning I woke up with a headache (that led to a high level of irritability…sorry dear) and we tried to make it through church before I had to go. We grabbed a couple food items for the week, went home and Mr. made breakfast while I cleaned the floors (my head only hurt if I was sitting still…sinus pressure maybe?) and started laundry, then we went on a quarterly beer run to get some beers for our fridge. Thanks to a gift card and some sales we came home with WAY too much, and J had a lot of fun organizing what is now an entire beer fridge to his heart’s content. We went on a walk and talked houses for about an hour before heading home for J to do homework while I made his lunch and our dinner for the week.

Lunch-what I’m calling “engineer salad”–Black beans-asphalt; green bell pepper, yellow corn, red bell pepper-traffic lights…maybe I missed my calling as an elementary school teacher?

Dinner-chicken cordon blue. It was surprisingly easy to put together and J called it one of the fanciest meals he’d ever had…and tastiest, so that’s a win! I loosely followed this recipe, but omitted the butter and sprayed the cooking dish with cooking spray instead, added fresh cracked pepper to the flour, and added a ton of parsley to the breadcrumbs and dashed on top. I served it with lima beans and bread (we love our carbs). After dinner I worked on uploading some photos to my “website,” realized I thought I lost almost all my photos and realized I needed to double back them up (yikes!), and then after laying out clothes for Monday promptly fell asleep.


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