Weekending | The start to March

This weekend was another of those you blink and miss it weekends. On Friday I had some ramifications from throwing out my back and I found myself unable to move for most of the morning, having to use some sick time. When I got home from work I took myself on a long easy walk before meeting J at home for our usual Friday night pizza party. I played around with some cocktails—brandy and peach ice cream for J, muddled blueberries with vodka and limeoncello for me (note—it needed champagne). Saturday morning brought with it an early start as J was volunteering at our church and I was meeting with a friend regarding a photo project. After we wrapped up I completed our meal plan and went to the grocery store. I walked on the wild side and grabbed TWO red-boxes—The Martian and The Intern. I got home to a pitiful J who had spent 6 hours pulling up carpet, rendering himself exhausted. While he recuperated on the couch I prepared dinner—homemade black bean soup and mini quesadillas. We watched The Martian and I was let down, as I expected to be. I also REALLY enjoyed the book so I did not have too high of expectations. The movie was good, but do yourself a favor—read the book. I read it in about a day and a half.

Sunday brought with it church and a surprise date by the Mr. We went to a fun new restaurant before walking around Grant Park for a couple hours. We got home and J did homework while I meal prepped (veggie pitas for J’s lunch, lasagna for dinner) before heating up more soup and relaxing with The Intern. The Intern was full of clichés and nearly entirely improbable, but it was cute.


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