Weekending | April 2-3

Every Friday J and I do pizza and games. When we were first married we had fun picking out different pizzas from restaurants to pick up to have at home, but we have since harshly evaluated our budget and have been quite happy with a frozen pizza from Kroger. Tangent—I enjoy good food as much as the average girl, but sometimes it hits me—why pay $22 for something that while it tastes amazing you’re not going to remember it tomorrow when you get spend $6 and have something that tastes tasty and both have the same end goal of you no longer being hungry? Tangent 2—our favorite pizza to get out is Antico’s. All the heart eyes…tangents done.

Anyways, on Thursday I was texting Z and I invited her over and she agreed to join in on T-family Friday night pizza and games. Unfortunately she thought is was going to be a far bigger affair and when she showed up she was shocked to learn it was just the 3 of us…whomp. She stayed, we had burgers instead (thanks Z), and J and I taught her Settlers of Cattan. J tried to rig the board so it’d be easy to learn on and instead it led the game being hours longer than normal.

Saturday morning brought a headache from h&*#, so we had a late start to our lake day with the D family. They refurbished a boat and we had a blast on the water all day (despite the chilly weather and non-biting fish). I had a cute baby to cuddle lots of the day, which was extra winsome. We got back to their home, Kelli fried up the fish that were caught (she caught the only fish on a line and her hubs caught many from a net), J practiced fileting fish (to great success), and I made sides.

Sunday was the normal routine–we went to church, the grocery store and I meal prepped while J studied.


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