A beachy 4th | 2016

Every year J’s family gathers at PCB and this year was no exception. I packed up the car Thursday night and we both got off of work a little early to hit the road. I did most of the driving (so J could read for school) and I may have been a slight grouch while driving, but other than that it was an easy and uneventful drive down. Upon getting to PCB we ran to the grocery store and instead of eating out I made a chicken in peanut sauce dish that was ultra tasty. We played games with J’s mom and brother before I crashed hard.


This view never gets old.

Saturday morning I went for a run, forgetting that if you don’t go before 7:30, you’re toast. When I got back I had sherbet (you have to cool down someway) and then cut the grass. Oh my gosh it was hot. When I got done I took my first cold shower in years, enjoyed a tasty lunch prepared by J’s dad, then dragged myself down to the beach with family. That night we had leftovers and played more games and lit some of our wedding sparklers. Sunday, our last full day, was full of relaxation. After helping out at a rental property we went back to the beach. The water was full of seaweed so we did not spend a lot of time in it, but sipping a beverage reading a book is better at the beach than the pool I think! After some beach time we went back to the house and the menfolk went to a movie while I napped/read until they got back. J and I went down to watch the sunset and then had burgers (yay grilling!). More games, then it was time for bed.


Monday morning (the actual date) we had to head home to get back to work. Driving was a breeze!! I drove again so J could study and there was no traffic (just about 10 minutes of scary rain).



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