A quick trip to Wisconsin!

After weeks of constant travel, it was with peace and joy that I put my suitcase away and prepared for a quiet weekend with my husband, especially knowing we had travel coming up the following week. Then, on Tuesday my phone rang. My beloved aunt shared that my cousin’s graduation party was going to be THAT Sunday and could I please make it? Cue frantic emails to work, searching for tickets, telling J, and buying a ticket. HAH! It was a very impromptu trip—Saturday-Monday morning.

It was my first time flying Southwest and they are not kidding—get yourself to a computer exactly 24 hours before your flight to get your check in spot. SW does not have assigned seats and you get on the plane based by when you check in. After a miscommunication on SW’s part regarding gates, I got myself onto a flight to D.C. with a one hour layover before continuing to Milwaukee. For folks going to MKE we were told to stay on the plane and after everyone disembarked and me and a few others were still sitting on the plane the flight attendants went, “why are you here?” Because you told us to. Cue some more run around and we had our flight!

Immediately upon landing my aunt (AC) and uncle picked me up, we dropped off our stuff, then AC and I headed down to third ward to see a friend of hers new downtown apartment and get a drink. For a girl who heads to bed by 10, I was pretty darn proud to still be awake at 3:45 a.m. MKE time (4:45 ATL time). We got home and to bed, and the party day came bright!

The fam knows how to throw a tasty and fun party (and for any friends who wonder where I A. get my cleaniness from and B. get my tendency to cook too much food, look no further)! It was a peaceful day of hanging out (other than the massive muscle tension headache I woke up with) and seeing friends and family. Monday morning came bright and early and I got on the plane home, then to MARTA, then back to work. J was doing business travel so I missed seeing him at home on Monday night, and was super excited to see him on Wednesday morning when he got home!


So. many. crockpots. And mount buns!


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