First Anniversary Celebration

J and I celebrated one happy year on August 1! He planned the entire day, telling me only, “do not meal prep for Monday.” We both took off of work and after slightly sleeping in J drove us to our first destination, West Egg and that area of town! We enjoyed breakfast, me a mimosa for old times sake (I may or may not have been sipping on one last year at that time) and taking in the scenery.


After breakfast we walked in all the shops, making fun of some items and dreaming about future home setups in others. J told me to pick out something, but we landed on a bottle of wine at the wine shop and are considering a pillow from one of the boutique stores for our bed (because having 6 decorative pillows on your bed feels particularily adultish). Following our time in that part of Atlanta we went back home to change and open prezzies!

At breakfast all of a sudden J had gotten a big grumpy, which he attributed to being hungry (nothing too out of the norm). After I opened my present though he confessed the real reason—the earrings I put on that morning were similar to the ones he gifted to me! I assured him I really liked them (and do!), and proceeded to wear them that night. I gifted J a canvas printed with a wedding picture and framed the letter I wrote to him on our wedding day (paper theme!). We changed into “hiking clothes” (his instruction) and hightailed it up 400 to the restaurant where we ate at before J proposed (aww). I was still really fully from breakfast and had a salad while J had a dessert crepe. img_3541

We then went to the park where J proposed at, and hiked for about a half hour before needing to come home to change for dinner. While we were driving home J told me where dinner was going to be—Canoe!! We changed into our getaway clothes from last year and then went to dinner.

Canoe was everything I dreamed it would be—perfection! We were seated on the back patio and our table was facing the river and a hummingbird feeder, which had a hummingbird coming by pretty frequently! Our server was well versed in the menu and not pushy. We started with a beet salad on whipped goat cheese (yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssss) that was paired with the server coming by with an overflowing bread basket of breads baked that day. Yes, please. J ordered lamb chops with some rib, foie gras ravioli, and roasted veggies and I had rabbit with raviolis. It. Was. Sooooooooo good! We each had a cocktail (me trading mine with J because he wasn’t a fan of his) and after dinner walked down to the river bar to get another beverage and sit and watch the river go by.



Do you see the hummingbird?

We got home and thanks to a friend meeting me in Lawrenceville, shared our wedding cake and sips in our toasting glasses. It was the tastiest day full of non-stop time with my best friend.




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