Christmas 2016 Recap

J and I worked through the 23rd and celebrated Christmas together that evening. We had eggnog, J opened his gifts (I was still deciding on mine), opened gifts from my aunt and uncle, and chatted on the phone with family. The next morning (Christmas Eve) we headed down to Albany after a slightly delayed start (and to J’s dismay, no drive through breakfast biscuit). J drove down and I worked on our annual yearbook, getting 1.5 years of photos and Instagram screen shots organized. J’s parents have recently downsized so it was exciting to see their new house (and allll of the hard work they’ve done). We played games and had dinner, before heading to bed in the old house. On Christmas Day we exchanged gifts together and then went to the farm to be with family. I got to help out in the kitchen and then cuddle some babies, as two of J’s cousins have had little ones in the past year. After lunch we headed back to Albany to hang out, play more games, and relax together. The next day followed suit, save going through some of J’s childhood memories and getting them packed up for Atlanta.


On Tuesday morning we packed up (a very, very full car) and went to Augusta to celebrate a wedding! We were frequently met with raised eyebrows when sharing that we were going to a wedding on a Tuesday, but it was a blast. It was one of J’s friends from college (who was also a groomsman). The drive from Albany to Augusta was interesting—we were on so many backroads and there were so many little and quick turns—I was glad J was driving. We arrived to Augusta and stayed downtown, and after settling in walked around downtown and sat down for a late lunch. While we were walking we heard someone call “hey Joe!” and it was the bride to be! After a quick visit with her and eating lunch we got ready for the wedding, met up with a friend, and headed over. It was a Catholic wedding—I have not been to one in years. The reception was at a beautiful old home and we had a blast. The next morning was a little painful for yours truly so J drove us home, completing our “A” triangle tour through Georgia (Atlanta-Albany-Augusta-Atlanta).


J went back to work on Thursday and I went and visited Athens for a while, neglecting the giant pile of boxes and suitcases from Albany that were all over our home. That night we met J’s friends who were in town from Colorado at Brickstore Pub. Earlier that day while in Athens Mary and I went on a post-Christmas Target trip and I left with two baking mix cast offs that she did not want. They ended up being super useful as friends came to our house afterwards for dessert and I was able to whip them up in about 15 minutes. I am a total baking snob and usually will not use a mix, but I had noooo complaints about being able to make something for guests on the quick. On Friday morning I had PT (silly knee), met a friend for brunch (at Bread and Butterfly, which was every bit as lovely as I thought it would be), and then I went home to tackle the boxes and piles and dishes and everything else that has accumulated and by the time J got home from work I was 97% done. He took out the trash mountain, I cleaned the floors, and we were ready for New Years!



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