Defrosting meat trick

One evening I got home from work and realized I had forgotten to pull out sausages for dinner from the freezer. I  had remembered reading about this trick to defrost your meat of stacking it between two metal pans so I figured it was time to try it and guess what…it worked. PERFECTLY! What I did was took a small cooking pan and put it upside down, so the open part was down and I had a level surface. I then put the meat on top of that pan. Then, I put my stock pot on top of that and put water inside the stock pot. I walked away and 30 minutes later walked back to perfectly defrosted sausages. Here’s my handy graphic:
P.S. “Wow, Diana, that graphic is amazing! What program did you use to create that work of art?” “Well friends, that would be our favorite computer program from childhood, PAINT.”

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