Fall Highlights

August Highlights


September Highlights

  • During one magic weekend ALL of our best friends came into town! J’s BFF and then my BFF. We neglected to take a single picture together, but we had a great time having breakfast with N and her hubs, and then had fun hosting a Labor Day party for J’s (and now my) friends.
  • I went to the Yellow Daisy Festival, and J and I went to Athens to celebrate a friend’s birthday!
  • We discovered the Atlanta Greek Festival food drive through, and are counting the days to the 2017 festival.
  • We celebrated J’s brother’s birthday, and hung out with our friends in Peachtree City!
  • We attended my first GT football game. And left at halftime because #ouch…that score was rough.




Homemade ice cream cake for J’s brother’s bday!


Ice cream cake ingredients and fritos for taco pie…the note was necessary.

October Highlights

  • Celebrating baby Piper’s 1 year birthday and taking pictures!
  • Hikes with my love–we purchased annual passes to Stone Mountain
  • Taking off of work early and hiking Kennesaw Mountain with my love, and then followed by dinner with friends in the Marietta square



Let me know if you want info about the custom made corn hole boards!


Hikes with my beloved!


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