The rainiest week at the beach

In the magic week between semesters J and I took off for the beach. We wanted to make sure we had a balance between rest and fun, so each day I planned one activity, and for all the other time our plan was to be on the beach, playing in the waves, avoiding the sun, and sipping on adult beverages.

The weather had different ideas.


When we arrived into town on Saturday we checked the weather and saw “oh wow, it looks like there may be some rain later in the week.” The activity I was most looking forward to was kayaking so J wisely said “let’s go ahead and go kayaking, just in case the weather gets worse” (foreshadowing). We went to Shell Island to kayak and it was great! We rented a tandem kayak (renting a tandem kayak should be a marital prereq, because it works your communication skills. Proud to report we had no fights while paddling away) and took off. While we were paddling away I looked in the water (crystal clear!) and saw that we were surrounded by jellyfish. And not little ones. BIG ONES. I was petrified, as visions of a wave tossing one or more of the murderous beasts into the boat danced in my head. J, well he tried to poke tehm with his paddle. The waves were no joke and once we rounded the Island and went to a beach we noticed how huge they were crashing in. While we were playing (and avoiding jellyfish) one wave knocked me down and took me 30 feet in. We loaded back up and went back out, after J delightfully went me into waves before he hopped in. On the return trip we saw DOLPHINS. I teasingly called J the naysayer because he said that we wouldn’t see any, and then they were like 30 feet away! It was at this point that Mr. “I don’t like a hat or sunglasses” went sunblind, making the return trip extra spicy. I guided my blind husband in and we stopped at Wal-Mart to get eye drops.

That night the WORST storm blew in—lightening and wind like crazy. And then the rain came. And came. And came. And NEVER LEFT. The house is about a 3-minute walk to the beach so whenever a break in the rain came we would grab our towel and beer and run to the beach for about 10 minutes. We could not get in the ocean because the water was closed due to the tide (one gentleman drowned that weekend). The waves were huge and the weather was awful. We got some walks in, went to Seaside for lunch, got some tasty oysters, played tons of board games, watched movies, cooked tasty meals, and studied for the GRE, but our dreams of playing in the waves and renting bikes were for naught.


Sunrise! We ran out to see it and look! More dark clouds.


Rooftop bar in Seaside!




Beautiful beach! And more clouds. When the dark clouds got to a certain point we knew to run back to the house.

On our final day—I mean, the day we LEFT, we woke up to crystal blue skies and open water and we hightailed it outside. We put on sunscreen and hopped into the ocean with cautious abandon (rip tides were still making themselves known). We played for hours and then found some seashell sweet-spots and collected tons of shells. Since we were going home we did not reckon on being outside for as long as we were and we. Got. Fried. J is already pretty fair skinned and I fry like a tomato…it was an uncomfortable couple of days for us. Salt on this is that a couple used the house the week after us and reported crystal clear waters with easy waves and no rain. Our fingers are crossed for a vacation with more beach time next year!


The storms did bring in some great shells!


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