Turning 31

A few weeks ago I had the idea to have a girls weekend with my aunt and cousin for my birthday, and they took the bait! They got flights for Thursday-Sunday, I got Thurs/Fri off of work, and we were set!

But wait. On Wednesday some co-workers were being sketchy at my desk for a while (sketchy behavior being they were lingering while one went outside). I assumed I was about to receive flowers or something but no. I received a visit from KODA! One of work’s K9 doggies. It was awesome, and as I told Joe, the bar was raised for birthday celebrations.

My fam arrived on Thursday and after showing them around my apartment (it’s 1100 square feet. It didn’t take long.) we went off to the Westside to window shop and have lunch at JCT Kitchen (where I need to lunch at everyday). Following exploring the Westside we went over to Lenox to explore some shops and partake in the Kendra Scott 50% birthday discount before heading home to make dinner. After dinner we checked out 6 Feet Under before calling it a day.

On Friday we hailed an Uber and Ubered over to Krog City Market. We grabbed a beer, some fries, and then walked the Beltline, stopping at Ladybird for another beer. Once we arrived at Ponce City we grabbed lunch, J came and met us, we window shopped some more, and then headed home before attending the GT basketball game.


Saturday brought with it wineries in North Georgia—a beautiful delight that we were very thankful was not a smoky day. We stopped in downtown Dahlonega for dinner, then went to the outlet malls on the way home (sensing a theme?). J scored a pair of loafters from his favorite company, so he was pretty pleased!


Sunday (my birthday!) we tried brunch at Morningside Kitchen. Every place is entitled to a rough morning and WOW. They were having one. We were seated in the back room with all the babies, the waiter never refilled our waters, my food was served with what I directly asked was not…bleh. I talked to the manager about it and comped our meal, but I’m in no hurry to return. We went to Allon’s for birthday dessert, and then stopped at Argosy for a birthday drink before getting them to the airport.



A part of J’s homework included stopping by here for “research.”

J and I ran some errands, then I met up with some dear girlfriends for dinner while J did homework. It was a weekend full of my favorite people!



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