Weekending | 11/21/16

This weekend started off not in our normal routine of pizza-movie-early to bed. Instead, we went to a collegiate basketball game, woo-hoo! I really enjoy watching (LIVE, not televised) college basketball. The players do not tend to be ego-maniacs and actually play together in a fast moving sport (I am glaring at you football) that gets you in and our in around 2 hours (again, glaring at you football).


On Saturday J wanted to celebrate my bday so we started off with breakfast at The General Muir. I had a bagel platter and while it was tasty, it was over priced (IMO). J was not too impressed with his breakfast, but we were both pleased with the bakery. After breakfast we did a little shopping and errand running. We picked up a Christmas present at  the mall and then ran to the new Kroger to get a few food items for dinner. As mentioned, it is a new Kroger and we could not find anything. I asked where the noodles were and I was directed to instant ramen noodles.

Umm, not quite. We asked another sales clerk who send us to the same section…young people, not all food is instant! Anyways, we grabbed what we needed and then headed home to make our sides to have with dinner with the D family! I made Pioneer Woman’s mac-n-cheese and green beans and we purchased Finding Dory to watch with them. We went out to their home (about 45 minutes away) and we ended up falling asleep and having an impromptu slumber party (where we slumbered hard. J was out almost 11 hours…sorry friends).

On Sunday we (definitely) missed church and our lunch plans cancelled so we had an easy morning at home before I took off to Athens to deliver a birthday prezzie and see a dear friend from Scotland. J started dinner and I finished it up when I got home–chicken noodle soup! While we were driving earlier in the day I was dictating our shopping list,

D, “chicken, new line, noodles”

J, “you know they make those together in a can right?”

Ha, no. Dinner was tasty, I read over a paper for J, and we watched the cutest episode of Duck Dynasty (Phil and Kay’s wedding!) before bed.


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