A Colorado Weekend (January 2017)

J and I were both saddened when we learned that J’s best friend was moving out to Colorado with his wife. One thing that took a bit of the sting out was that his friends were moving to prime ski country. As previously mentioned J is a good skier, and visions of skiing in Colorado began dancing in his head with the announcement of their move. When the idea was launched of a trip out there J leaped on it, and we found ourselves heading out west!


We and 4 other friends all descended into Denver around midnight on a Thursday night and after collecting our rental boat, I mean Suburban, we drove into Colorado Springs. By “we” I mean J, who rented the car in such a way that he was the only authorized driver. We enjoyed all the bells and whistles of the suburban and gratefully arrived to Colorado Springs at the B family home and passed out immediately. The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, marveled at their view of the mountains, I fell in love with their kitty, then we packed up and headed out!


Our first stop was Garden of the Gods, and it was beautiful. We grabbed Mexican food after lunch then headed up to Breckinridge! We were split between two cars and our car had a blast taking photos and enjoying good conversations. After a while the temperatures got colder and colder (until we got to negatives!), the elevation got higher and higher, and the snow deeper and deeper. We grabbed our rental skis in Frisco and then went to the cabin! After dinner everyone fell asleep pretty quickly.


The next morning we geared up for the slopes, or slope, in my case. Two members of our party had never skied before and I was terrified, so we started on the bunny slope (which was bigger than anything I tried in NC). After a panic or two, J’s friend coached me through skiing and after a while I got the hang of it! I knew that a lift ticket would be a waste of money for me because I was still far from 100% (or even a solid 50%), so after lunch the guys went to the slopes and a friend stayed with me on the bunny slope for hours. When my knee started to hurt I called it a day and we went back home to shower before the guys came back. For dinner that night we went to Breckinridge and had burgers, followed by beer and conversation back at the cabin. A few of us went into the hot tub and I got to experience my hair freezing solid where it got wet when I got into the tub.


Saturday came round and almost everyone went skiing, save 3 of us. Us who stayed behind read, chatted, and started sipping on beer around noon. Everyone had a great day! When the skiers came back we all choose to order pizza, so we had another fun night of dinner and conversation. I elected to not go into the hot tub (see: frozen hair) so I played bartender for those enjoying the hot tub.

Sunday came too soon and after breakfast we went back to Breckinridge to check out the snow sculpture competition. We were looking forward to hanging out in Denver, but we got stuck in horrible traffic on the way in and had to go right to the airport. It was a great trip with wonderful people, and J & I can’t wait to go back (and I’m even excited to ski again!).


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