An Ashville weekend

Long story short, there was an administrative oversight that kept J from graduating in May. I wanted to celebrate my first semester being done, and we needed to get away from Atlanta in the face of disappointment, so off to Ashville we went! It was cold, but that did not damper the fun (except for hiking). We stayed at an air bnb, which may be our last, but the views were delightful (and there were turkeys who came by every day!). We toured Biltmore, had lots of beer, some tasty meals, a failed hike, and a nice river walk. On our way back to Atlanta we stopped at DuPont National Forest for one of the most beautiful hikes of my life—so many waterfalls!! It was delightful to get away and have time with my love!


About our failed hike…in true T-family fashion, we arrived at our vacation destination to nothing but rain. One morning J checked the weather and saw that there was a break in the rain, so we eagerly went to hike a trail he found off the Blue Ridge Parkway. J was driving up and as were going up the mountain the temperatures kept dropping and dropping. While I had packed us for chilly weather, I did not pack us for winter weather. I told J that if it was below 40 I didn’t feel comfortable hiking in the gear we were wearing and J blew off my comment. We got higher up the mountain and I asked J, “what are those white things on the mountain” and he said “oh just flowers.” Well, we get to the mountain and get into an active snowstorm. Those “white things” were snow. The car said 32 outside. We go to the trail station and they said the road is closed up ahead and it’s only getting worse! We take some pics, and then hightailed it (safely and slowly) back down the mountain to warmth (and more rain).


Snow storm. In May.

Breweries visited: Lexington Avenue Brewery, One World Brewing, New Belgium, Oyster House (an Oyster beer!), Wicked Weed (x2), Burial, Twin Leaf, and Green Man. My absolute favorite was New Belgium, and J’s favorite was Wicked Weed (hence the 2 visits).


That cherry beer…all the heart eyes.


Photo above: Joe demolished me in EACH of those games on EVERY round.

Restaurants visited: Bouchon French Bistro, Stable Café at Biltmore, and The Admiral. Bouchon was AMAZING. The service was delightful, and I tried mussels there (and fell in love). J and I shared a BBQ meat plate at Stable Café that was super tasty. I found the Admiral to be extremely over-rated. The food was good, but the service and atmosphere were extremely lacking.


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