Best weekend.

Early last week the Mr. texted me at work and asked that I take Friday off for a “no-work and no-school day.” I resisted at first (because #dumb) but then wised up and asked for a day off. On Thursday night when I got home we ran out to Kroger and I (literally) jumped with joy when I saw Moana available in the machine. We had ran to Kroger to just pick up a can of biscuits to have with breakfast, but after a turn in the grocery store J left with a suitcase of Terrapin and an additional 6-pack and 2 different types of cheeses.


Bye work, see ya next week.

We woke up leisurely on Friday and had breakfast. We then rented bikes to bike the Beltline, going first to Krog for snacks and a beer, then doing Freedom Parkway, then going to Victory Sandwich Bar for lunch. We turned our bikes in and stopped to pick up a pizza at Antico’s before relaxing with a movie at home (and bemoaning our aches and pains). On Saturay we did our homework and ran errands together; typical, but nice to be together.



Melting my slushy for me.

On Sunday after churh we went to Athens to visit some of J’s friends (it was weird to travel to Athens to see his friends, as that is usually “my” spot), where we had fun hanging out and playing some games.


I lost so badly. As always in (ANY) game with the Mr. 


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