Easter 2017 Weekend

On Friday night I convinced hubby who was exhausted to take a walk with me around the neighborhood and it ended up being one of our favorite parts of the weekend. While we were dating and engaged, we talked about all the after dinner walks we would take together once we finally lived together and that sadly has not happened as much as we dreamed it would. Anywho, after our walk we made some popcorn and watched Moana (again).

On Saturday morning I slept in till about 8 and then hustled to the farmer’s Market and Walmart. The farmer’s market was a freaking zoo (and I suspect full of lots of newbies…aka, do not leave your cart unattended in that store!) and then met a friend who shared some of her extra plant goodies that she picked up. When I got home I unloaded then started cooking for Easter brunch, cooking and doing laundry, and working on our garden! And in the blink of an eye, 8 hours went by (nice rhyme, eh?) When J got home from his errands (school, oil change, gym) we had dinner al fresco.

Sunday we went to early church and then went home to relax and study before brunch. The brunch menu was: carrot soup, fruit salad, asparagus salad, peach stuffed French toast, and “carrot-patch” brownies. Our friends brought mimosas and we had a fun 3 hours of conversation and food. After brunch J cleaned up, I studied, rested, and then made dinner (veggie bowls).



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