Weekend Update | March 31/April 1

On Friday night we braved the traffic to meet up with my bestie and her hubs in the west part of town. We started at Ormsbys, where J got beat at pool and I hit the bullseye in darts. After we each took our turn on The Walking Dead pinball machine we travelled to JCT kitchen for oysters and cocktails, before rounding out our evening at BarTaco for a nightcap taco and cocktail (well, for the girls. The boys stopped well before this). Considering most Friday nights I’m passed out by 9:30, it was a pretty big deal to be out past midnight!


Saturday morning was painful (see cocktails from night before) but J dragged me out of bed to go to the grocery store before it got too bad. Well, it was plenty bad at 10:00 a.m. and after breakfast at Chick-fil-a (which J prefers. over any breakfast I make, and was necessary for me after the night before), we went to Kroger—the only place we could get too easily. After groceries J exclaimed “honey, let’s stop at Home Depot to look at patio furniture” and an hour later we found ourselves with our patio furniture selection. When we went to load it up in the car we were disappointed to see that the chairs did not fit. Instead of driving J’s car home to get mine, J said “we don’t live too far from here” and then took off carrying the chairs for home.


When he passed me in traffic I did what any good wife would do and took PLENTY of pictures of him carrying the chairs down Piedmont. After lunch and chores we cleaned ourselves up and met our friends to see Beauty and the Beast and it was the BEST! It was so visually stunning that I could not tear my eyes away for a moment, less I miss something wonderful. After the movie we grabbed some snacks and then headed home.

Sunday brought with it church, homework, a 2 hour walk, and dinner (Skinny Taste enchiladas!). Lovely weekend with the best of people!


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