Hi, I’m Diana

At Bach weekend

I am a newlywed recently transplanted to Atlanta after a decade long stint in Athens, Georgia.

Fun Tibbits

  • Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I believe everything stems from a daily relationship with Him.
  • I met my husband on eHarmony. It worked really well for us!
  • Hospitality is something that I enjoy more than anything; I really enjoy hosting gatherings and making my home somewhere inviting and comfortable for my family and guests.
  • When writing I repeatedly find myself using the British spelling of certain words. Sometimes, I just shrug and roll with it.
  • I really enjoy: the ocean, good black coffee, chocolate, the colors pink, gray, and blue, a classic wardrobe, Kate Spade, organizing, and champagne.
  • I could do without: cold weather, frogs, snails, cheap coffee, being cold, and *tequila. *Correction: I can do without bad tequila. I recently discovered good tequila while making homemade margaritas. 

Why this Blog

Quick answer: I’m a newlywed in a new-ish city working in higher education and pursuing my MBA.

Longer answer: I like to write, I like to document, and I think it’s fun. We’ll see how long this lasts! I used to write over here at by the well.

What’s in a Name

As I brain stormed what to call this new space of mine on the internet I wanted to do a play on my new last name. I’ve heard the phrase before, “to a T” and it means a whole lot of different things, but they basically sum up to being “just right.” While this is quickly becoming an overused word, I want this to be an authentic place where I share what I’m comfortable sharing with the internet at large; where I’m fine just being me. Cheers!


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