Weekly Recap | 11/18/16

Oh sweet goodness, praise God it is Friday. This week has dragged. And dragged. And then dragged a little bit more. On Thursday morning the Mr. excitedly proclaimed upon walking into the bathroom where I was getting ready, “it’s Friday!” His disappointment at me telling him it was in fact THURSDAY was palatable.

5 nuggets from the week:

I had company last weekend and my house is still a flipping mess. A clean mess, but a flipping mess. The washed sheets need folded, air mattresses need to be re-stashed in the closet, blah blah blah. Minor inconveniences in light of fun company that I assign too much weight to.

I did my first fitness class with a buddy on Tuesday and LOVED it. Granted I could not move my body the next day, it was fantastic. J loves spin classes on Fridays and I see why—you have to turn your brain off of any distractions and just FOCUS.

The cold weather is finally arriving to our area. The T family has a strict rule that I do not get a ride to work if we leave after 6:55 a.m. That was blown out the window by my amazing hubs twice this week who took me to work, despite leaving at 7:05 both mornings. It is highly likely that I was also (very vocally and with lots of verbiage) whining about the winter weather.

Our community group had a potluck this week! I did not know quite what to bring, so I made balsamic green beans—easy and quick.

On Thursday night I joined J and some of his classmates for a night at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra! We met at MARTA and then walked over early and (I) grabbed a cocktail at the High’s restaurant. We then had a private tour of the facility, grabbed dinner (let’s ignore some hangry moments), then enjoyed a night of beautiful music (also ignoring the funeral dirges in the second part that made me pass out hard). We had never been to the ASO and it was a delight!



Five on Friday | February 12

Catching up!

My usual routine is to cook big on Sundays, coast the rest of the week. I changed my MO this week and did not cook on Sunday and instead cooked smaller meals throughout the week. Y’all. I was in kitchen every darn night for at least an hour and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the kitchen (and the Mr. was home late every night) but still. I could have been…who am I kidding. This week it was fine. All my Atlanta near and dear were busy and I wasn’t in the mood to go out in the arctic chill.

Speaking of being in the kitchen the meals I made this week were:

*Tuna noodle salad (a T-family recipe that J really enjoys for lunch


Or with dinner on leftover night

*Chicken picata that I served with lima beans, corn, roasted okra, and bread

*African peanut stew (I would have liked to lick my bowl).


Cooking on Sunday for the T family did not happen because instead we were joining some friends at a Super Bowl party. The nibbles were A+++, the game meh, the commercials, snore. Except for the Heinz commercial with the Dachshund dressed up as hot dogs. I died.

I received business cards at work this week. I’ve never had business cards before and I am completely thrilled.

Driving, my commute in the morning takes less than 10 minutes (usually around 7). In the afternoon it can push 30-45 minutes. This week I had to be in extra early so J drove me two days and I drove the other, and now a parking pass is looking pretty enticing. Or it was until I had to drive white-knuckled home one evening. I missed my reading on the train time, zooming past traffic!