Going on in our world | April 2016 Edition

Last weekend we celebrated the Mr.’s birthday with a trip to Serenbe.

IMG_3361 2


We arrived for our reservations at The Hil on The Hill with plenty of time to spare. After first perusing the menu I was worried that J would not like anything and we debated going elsewhere, but we were glad we stayed. Our mushroom pizza appetizer was out of this world, and J’s crab cakes were some of the best I’ve ever had.

IMG_3359 2

My salad was simple, which allowed the flavors to really shine. Following lunch we walked around for a while and then made our way back to The Hil for dessert (the parfait. It is life changing). The outing was just what we needed. We’ve been in the city non-stop for weeks and the brief getaway was rejuvenating and we appreciated the time to get away.

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Aside from our getaway and a pub night with friends, our weekends have been full of spring cleaning (me) and paper writing (J). I have post-poned my graduate school plans by a semester (to have more time to study for the GRE), so my evenings are filled with making wedding photo books, studying the GRE, reading for fun, and The Walking Dead.

Yes, The Walking Dead. When I first heard about the show and its premise I said to myself “I’m never going to watch that show!” I hate gore. I hate violence. I hate killing. I hate scary…all things The Walking Dead has in SPADES. When we were first married I would ask J to not even watch it while I was at home. Then one night I relented and he watched it while I read in a chair that is not in direct line of sight of the TV and my interest got piqued. Then came the next week when I tried to read again with it on in the background. That episode happened to be the season finale and when the screen cut to black I knew I was hooked. I rented the first season from the library and we’ve been working our way through. I still hide my face at the scary bits (which is a lot of the time on certain episodes) but I am hooked on the character development.

My office has temporarily relocated and I now have the opportunity to run stadium stairs during lunch. I LOVE getting to do my workouts during the workday. Results yet? Even with carb cutting?

Not yet. Goals, though!

Fall 2015 Snapshot

Fall 2015 included a lot of biggies…learning my way in the city, learning a new job, learning to be a wife…lots of learning and adjusting. Here are a few snapshots of Fall (which if I do not blog or journal…I will not remember):

We hosted a Halloween game night, which prompted us to finally hang up pictures on the wall and unpack our china cabinet. This may surprise many, but for the most part I don’t give a huge flip on picture hanging. I eyeball it, put in the nail, and about 99% of the time I’m entirely satisfied. Enter J:


I love my engineer.


We went as Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatian’s for our costumes!

I attended my first (and last) wine festival…last because I like pacing myself over a glass of wine instead of non-stop samplings for hours.


For Thanksgiving we travelled north to visit my (our) family and had the best time:

We took hikes (and celebrated me turning 30 with a hike!):

We also celebrated me turning 30 with a tasty dinner at Empire State South:

IMG_0692 (1)

He really is the cutest.

And my beloved church in Athens had the grand opening of their building!


And some favorites came in from Scotland.

And that was a snapshot of our fall!


While on the way to the bach weekend the girls and I were talking about my impending unemployment (I loved my job in Athens but commuting was not something I was willing to do, so I knew I had some unemployment in my future). I was not crazy about it and all of a sudden Z goes, “it’s not unemployment, it’s FUNemployment!” Since funemployment sounds about 100 times more fun than unemployment I ran with the rebranding of this special time of life. Funemployment, while lacking on benefits and a salary, has other perks, which include:

Grocery shopping at Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market during a weekday (it’s like Ikea…great on the weekdays, terrifying on the weekend).

The sun shines on this place! And it's affordable produce and meat.

The sun shines on this place! And it’s affordable produce and meat.

picnic lunches with my husband,


Happy birthday plates are standard lunchtime china.

planning and finding fun dates and new adventures,


Pulling into this planned adventures, hubs goes “I’ve been here a few times!” Of course.

sorting out, cleaning, and organizing our home, and visiting friends in Athens and getting sweet Athens treats, among many other perks.


Since my days are mostly spent solo, they make me value all the more the weekends with the hubs. Even when he has to be my chauffeur so I can ice my head after getting slammed between the eyes with a frozen bottle of heavy cream while looking in the freezer.

At least he probably knew how clumsy I was before marrying me.

At least he probably knew how clumsy I was before marrying me.